Vida Glow

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Vida Glow offers an innovative range of collagen supplements, designed to promote youthful, line-free skin. Developed to enhance skin’s natural beauty, your favourite Vida Glow collagen supplement contains pure hydrolysed marine collagen taken from fish scales, to provide you with the purest yet most potent form of collagen. Delivering essential micronutrients to the skin’s own collagen matrix to plump and tighten the complexion, the Vida Glow collagen supplement range is inspired by nature and backed by science.

The Vida Glow brand was founded on the principles of holistic wellness that promotes healthy, beautiful skin that’s more than simply skin deep. Available in powder and protein forms, as well as in a range of cosmetic products, including moisturisers, exfoliators and lip balm, the range of collagen supplements from Vida Glow are easy to incorporate into your daily routine for results that nourish your hair, skin and nails. No matter your lifestyle, the Vida Glow collagen supplement range helps you to achieve beautiful skin from within.

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