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"A skin is a formula, it should be possible to reproduce it." This is the belief and the basis of Pier Auge skincare created by Pierre Jules Auge - a forward-thinking chemist. He created the base Dergyl - an emulsion with the same nature, structure and composition of the skin, bringing to it all the properties that are needed to defend itself naturally. Pierre Jules Augé left to us this unique treatment concept of which Pier Auge products are still permeated even today explaining the loyalty of women and men to the Pier Auge brand.

Pier Auge ENTAL is the first cosmetic line for the face and body to be commercialised. This range was named after the verb ENTER which means graft in English - Pier Auge products are really a graft of youth. The Pier Auge range uses whole french plants in its body products combined with Hp DNA and Hylauronic Acid - the two most active ingredients to fight against ageing. If you want to achieve younger-looking and healthier skin, try their Tri-Active Regenerating Care Complete, designed to increase elasticity and stimulate the natural DNA repair mechanism. If your skin is in desperate need of moisture, try their Regenerating Smoothing Care, which not only rehydrates your skin but also acts as an anti-stress treatment.

For over 60 years, these products have been looking after the skin, and perfectly respect the skin's natural balance which is why we're proud to be an official stockist and offer free delivery in Australia.
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