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If you’re a beauty lover, you’ll know how amazing it can be to relax and luxuriate with a mask. Whether you enjoy sheet masks, clay masks, gel masks or another formula entirely, they’re an essential way to impart concentrated benefits in a short amount of time. Bring the luxury of a revitalising spa treatment into your skincare regime with our collection of rejuvenating face masks. A face mask is one of the easiest ways to hydrate, moisturise and deeply cleanse your skin and our collection has a diverse range of face masks uniquely tailored to individual skin types and conditions.

To ensure the cleanliness of your skin, an exfoliating mask is a must-have to remove any lingering dirt and dead skin cells on the surface to leave your skin refreshed and smooth. By incorporating this mask into your skincare regime just once a week, your skin will feel cleaner and visibly illuminated. To increase the softness of your skin, a hydrating mask and a night mask are great additions to your skincare routine to increase moisture and hydration. The hydrating mask works to lock in moisture on your face for a dewy and glowy complexion and a night mask works to ensure your skin doesn't get dry and tight during the night so you can wake up feeling silky smooth and refreshed.

For a hint of luxury from the comfort of your home, discover our range of face masks today.

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