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Just like our bodies, our skin needs to breathe. However, when wearing makeup, skin can quickly become clogged. This is what Lycogel aims to change. An innovative brand that is paving the way for breathable makeup, Lycogel has been designed by skin care specialists to provide your skin with oxygen, moisture and nutrients.

Lycogel's innovational technology is centred around its 'LYCO-complex', which is a carefully balanced set of twelve ingredients that work together to create breathable makeup that moisturises and brightens your skin. This complex delivers oxygen straight to your skin, which can help renew cells, soothe sore spots, minimise the appearance of fine lines and stimulate collagen production. The complex also works to encourage skin repair.

The formulas might be breathable, but their products pack plenty of power when it comes to coverage. Lycogel products such as the Breathable Tint provide lightweight coverage for casual days, while their Breathable Camouflage offers maximum coverage, perfect for hiding tattoos, scars or any other imperfection. Better yet, it comes in 12 different shades, so you can find the perfect match.

If you are fed up with feeling like your makeup is weighing your skin down, browse the range of Lycogel products and let your skin breathe. We're proud to be an official stockist in Australia and be able to offer free delivery with no minimum spend.

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