Dr Botanicals

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Are you on the hunt for revolutionary skin treatments that are super effective, organic, vegan, and don’t cost the Earth? Look no further than Dr Botanicals. The brand was established by a group of beauty innovators in the UK in 2012 and is LGBT-owned, family-oriented, eco-conscious, and committed to celebrating diversity in the beauty industry. By investing in a serum, moisture, or cleanser from Dr Botanicals, you can achieve the glowing skin of your dreams while helping to make the beauty sector a better, more socially conscious space. The brand’s leaders are outspoken advocates of BLM, Empowering Women, and other vital causes we’re sure RY customers will love.

If that weren’t enough, Dr Botanicals is committed to creating products containing only natural ingredients. Their skin-loving serums are packed full of your favourite plants, fruits, and veggies, helping to reduce the risk of irritation while harnessing the naturally nourishing power of vitamins and minerals. Whether you’re hoping to treat clogged pores, reduce blotchiness, or make your feet feel softer, Dr Botanicals has a skin-friendly formula to help. RY is an official stockist of Dr Botanicals and is proud to bring their British-born products to the people of Australia. Give them a go today!

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