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The new Brain Shot Therapies in Medical Medium Brain Saver and its companion title, Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes can help you when you’re up against physical and emotional challenges and toxic exposures that are impacting your health. Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes offer you 7 different Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy Cleanses. This is what people are saying about the challenge:

Brain Shot Therapy Challenge
Repost from @miranda_compassionatehealers
November 15, 2022

How To Be Discerning With What We Consume

Repost from @jordanrdrayton
November 1, 2022

Has Anyone Broken Your Trust?

Repost from @drsherrigreene
November 2, 2022

These Books Changed My Patients' Lives

Repost from @kiranoellehealth
November 1, 2022

My Skin Is Clearing

Repost from @kensiehesperia
October 31, 2022

My First Brain Shot

Repost from @kaihlatonai
October 31, 2022

Not Possible To Think A Negative Thought

Repost from @lynnfoutch
October 28, 2022

Healing ALS

Repost from @constance.7777
October 28, 2022

Relief From My RA Pain

Repost from @_amberlynnstone
October 27, 2022

Exhausted Beyond Belief

Repost from @healingwithanisa_
October 26, 2022

Feeling Like I Wanted To Cry

Repost from @katesinha
October 27, 2022

I Feel Like My Son Has Come Back

Repost from @_infinitewellness_
October 27, 2022

Immense Sense of Peace

Repost from @hlw_529
October 27, 2022

It Got Me Going!

Repost from @sahar_getsfit
October 27, 2022

It's Time To Protect Yourself

Repost from @dr.jaena
October 27, 2022

Mom Had A Challenging Recovery

Repost from @astridnoebauercoaching
October 27, 2022

No More Swollen Finger

Repost from @medicalmediummommy
October 27, 2022

Rocked Me To My Core

Repost from @muneeza_medical_intuitive
October 27, 2022

This Stuff Just Works

Repost from @jordanrdrayton
October 27, 2022

Worried About Mold & Chemicals

Repost from @health.with.kelly
October 25, 2022

It Helped My Bunny's Anxiety

Repost from @healingwithanisa_
October 21, 2022

Still Feeling The Energy From That Shot

Repost from @hopeforhealingwithalexa
October 21, 2022

Tool To Get The Darkness Out

Repost from
October 20, 2022

Bouncing Off The Walls

Repost from @amiejoneshealing
October 19, 2022

I'm Seeing A Miracle In My Home

Repost from @santarashealing
October 20, 2022

It's Like A Happy Drug, But With Fresh Ingredients

Repost from @katesinha
October 20, 2022

Kids Enjoy The Adrenal Fight Or Flight Stabilizer

Repost from @bloomingbeautyhealthily
October 20, 2022

My Chest Pain Subsided

Repost from @constance.777
October 20, 2022

The Anger Shifter Shot In Action!

What others are saying about the Challenge:

Best Thing Ever

Repost from @casualbudderivative - Shots! Who wants to do some? Best thing that ever happeneed to me. Who wants some?

Immediate Tension Release

Repost from @healing_with_compassion - The @medicalmedium Guilt and Shame shifter brain shot from Medical Medium’s newest book(s) Brain Saver, was the first one I ever tried. Almost immediately after taking just a few sips I felt this tension in my brain release that I didn’t even know I was holding. It then spread down my nervous system and I got this relaxed and sleepy feeling. It was amazing, I realized how wired I had been previously. I made it again today! Grateful that this one is super simple to make as I’m still dealing with the flu.

Urge To Cry

Repost from @hiigel - Today's brain shot was the Medical Medium Mood Shifter. I had planned to do this shot this morning, even though my moods have been quite steady lately. Early this morning, though, something triggered deep frustration in me and a cloud formed over my head that I wasn't able to shake away. While drinking the first half of this shot, I noticed a slight urge to cry and then a lifting of the cloud. This cycle happened a few times. In the second half of the shot, the urge to cry was gone and my spirits were lightening. By the time I finished the shot, my mood was back to it's steady state. All was good again, and still is nearly 10 hours later. I can now see the issue that triggered me as a puzzle to figure out, rather than a frustration. These shots are so amazing! Ingredients in this one are wild blueberries, chives, basil, alfalfa sprouts, lime, celery, and grapes.

Exploding With Energy

Repost from - I can’t explain the shocking effect of the @medicalmedium brain shot therapy! I made the fight or flight adrenal stabilizer after a short night (nursing and working mama so adrenals are continually need TLC) and a long day of work ahead. Truth be told, I was a bit sceptical after reading the list of ingredients. However I trust the work of AW so gave it a go. Coincidentally I took it driving to an emergency house call. I felt exploding with energy yet deeply calm at the same time. Will definitely keep this treasure in my routine

Handle My Emotions

Repost from @mamaizhealing - Negative energy exposure: I think it was by the grace of God I was able to gather all the ingredients in time for the challenge! This shot gave me tingles in my whole body. I had to have 2 and make one for my husband. I then juiced all the wheatgrass from the big bag I got and froze it in little cubes for future shots. I definitely noticed I felt calmer than normal, and much better able to handle my emotions throughout the day.

Results Have Been Astounding

Repost from @_infinitewellness_ - MEDICAL MEDIUM’S OBSESSIVE THOUGHTS SHIFTER: I am on the third day of taking this shifter from @medicalmedium’s new Brain Saver books. The results have been pretty astounding. I have always suffered with intrusive thoughts that are obsessive and loop and spiral through my brain, especially at bedtime. This issue has been torturing me since I was a child. I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to stop the them! Meditation, positive thinking, every self help book under the sun, thought interruption, expensive therapy, you name it… I always used to think it was me, that something was wrong with me that I could not make them stop. But, medical medium explains in his book that it’s not our fault! It has to do with our brain and how it’s malfunctioning in so many ways due to so many factors that are out of our control! These thoughts intrude on my sleep and my daily life constantly. BUT, for the past three days, after taking the obsessive thought shifter, my mind is at peace for the first time! I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. I have healed so much with my mind - anxiety, panic attacks, depression, dark thoughts, and brain fog with medical medium’s heavy metal detox smoothie and protocols, and this is just the icing on the cake! I cannot wait to try some of the other shots and shifters because I am a true believer that they’re going to change my life even more, and most importantly, change the life of everyone who gets a hold of these precious, life changing books! Thank you for continuing to save me and improve my physical and mental health, @medicalmedium!

A Warm Blanket Over My Soul

Repost from @madelonvandervoort - I am absolutely blown away by the @medicalmedium brain shots! After doing the ‘Betrayal and broken trust stabilizer’ tonight I feel so incredibly at peace, like the hurt that’s been in my brain for a long time was being lifted and released. It touches my very soul because I know I’ve been working so hard on myself, trying to keep up in life and pushing through. These shots feel like a gift from above. Like a warm blanket over my soul. It feels like someone is looking out for me. It feels like someone is saying to me; it’s okay, I know what you are going through and what’s going on with you, we’re taking care of it and it will be alright. It is the biggest gift and such a blessing. If you haven’t tried these brain shots yet, be prepared because they work and they are very powerful!! Thank you Anthony and Soc for all your hard work and dedication, for getting this information out, it brings so much light into this world.

Thick Dark Cloud

Repost from @fruityrafa - My experience with Medical Medium Brain Shots | Minha experiência com as doses para o cérebro do MM. The past few days I was having the worst time I've had mentally in years. I got to the point that I couldn't do anything besides crying. It felt like I didn't have anything in my brain to perform any task anymore and I had just collapsed. Driving was impossible and even thinking, speaking and getting up were a challenge. My husband decided to look online and found out that the brain saver books had just arrived in our local store! As I waited for him to run to bookstore and prepare one of the mm shots, I doubted anything could help me that day. I've healed so much with @medicalmedium information (eating desorders, chronic inflammation, gut problems, chronic pain, swollen joints, autoimmune, etc) but still I doubted just one shot would do anything. I took a "selfie" wishing I would be able to find at least a small visible difference between my before and after that could keep me going for another day. Those are not pictures I planned or wanted to share but it shows the difference. They were only 1hour apart. Before and after mood shifter shot. I looked like the first picture for the whole day, for my surprise after the shot I felt my real self coming trough the thick dark cloud that I felt in my head and that was impairing me. I couldn't believe the visible difference in the pictures. Thank you AW and spirit. The information in the brain book is mind blowing an I can't wait to read it all. It is the info I didn't know I so desperately needed.

Absolute Banger

Repost from @mamaizhealing - Brain shot challenge day 5 Mold exposure - WOWEEEEE jeepers cripes holy moly this shot is an absolute banger. ZINGs all the way down. Major tingles and shudders. It felt so purifying, like mold spores in my body were getting zapped by light rushing through me. I’m pretty sure every space I’ve ever lived in had mold. I *know* I’ve had major exposure to mold throughout my life. On a side note, I had a new dentist appointment today and x-rays and all that junk made me feel icky. Immediately came home and made the radiation shot. THAT one made me feel like I was gonna puke, but instantly made me feel cleared of the icky feeling I had from the radiation. Proud to report no cavities ~which is major for me~ I’ve been plagued with poor dental health all my life and since applying medical medium info my teeth have never been better! #medicalmedium #medicalmediumcommunity #brainshots #brainshottherapychallenge

Bursts of Energy

Repost from @healingwithanisa_ - Medical Medium Mold Exposure Shot Day 5 Brain Saver Challenge Every brain shot I have tried has given me so much life and bursts of energy and a calm and peaceful heart / mind. These are life saving tools We have exposure to everything in the we can’t avoid it, but we can take these tools and use them as protection & freedom to live life to the very fullest healthy & well. @medicalmedium Thank you #medicalmedium #anthonywilliam #brainsaverchallenge #brainsaver #brainsaverprotocols #medicalmediummoldexposureshot #herbalmedicine #healthyrecipes #healingfoods #integrativemedicine

Cat's Meow

Repost from @mattlovesbananas - these new @medicalmedium Brain Saver shots are seriously on another level. I’m in awe what I just experienced. I had the negative energy exposure shot for the first time today & I’ve never felt so much energy move through my body instantly after consuming something. I had these strong sensations move all down my body and a surge of hope rushed through me. Incredible. I’ve been hearing so many amazing testimonials from people with these new Medical Medium shots from the new Brain Saver books. So if you’re struggling with mental health or brain health in any way, these are powerful weapons to help you get fast relief. Don’t give up. Get the books and start taking shots! #medicalmedium #medicalmediumcommunity #medicalmediumcommunity #brainhealth #mentalhealth #brain #mentalillness #depression #anxiety #bipolar #schizophrenia #pyschosis #ocd #mentalhealthawareness #brainpower #brainsaver #brainsaverprotocols

Feel Lighthearted Again

Repost from @soul.purpose.with.sara - This one. This one right here. It hits home a little differently. You see, I've gone through decades of broken trust and betrayal. I've been beaten down physically, mentally and emotionally. And although I'm living a safer, healthier lifestyle than I ever have before- I know those years caused everlasting damage. I've had repeated dreams were I was still being let down, still being lied to and still being rejected by someone I loved. I've had a hard time letting my guard down. I've had a really hard time letting new people in. I've become so independent that I push others away. But since beginning the Medical Medium Brain Shots, especially the Broken Trust and Betrayal Stabilizer, I can feel a shift. I feel light hearted again. I feel my "old" self coming back. The "me" prior to the damage. And others close to me have said, "there's my happy girl, I've missed her." And ya know what? I've missed her too. Forever thankful for Anthony, Spirit of Compassion and the ENTIRE Medical Medium Community. I pray for all of you daily. XO @medicalmedium #medicalmedium #brainsaver #brainshottherapychallenge


Repost from @kathleenberyl_ - I was triggered and feeling angry so I made an Anger Shifter from Medical Medium's new books "Brain Saver" and "Brain Saver Protocols Cleanses & Recipes", instant feeling of calmness and understanding after. #grateful #medicalmedium #medicalmediumprotocol #brainsaverprotocols #brainsaver #shiftershots #angershifter #peace

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