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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Toxic heavy metals are the undiscovered cause of bipolar disorder. When someone has an elevated amount of metals in the brain, their brain runs hotter. With bipolar, the heating is different because the combination of metals—the alloy—retains heat longer.

Generally, the alloy behind bipolar is composed of mercury, copper, toxic calcium, arsenic, toxic platinum, and nickel. The levels of each metal are different for everyone, and the combination can vary.

When these alloys get heated up, the heat can last for a longer period of time because the metals hold on to the heat. This heat is constant, yet its temperature is always fluctuating.

When toxic heavy metals are in the emotional centers of the brain, impeding electrical impulses and neuron activity, increased heat occurs on an ongoing basis, making someone highly emotional even when life is seemingly okay.

As the metals in the emotional centers of the brain heat up, lasting heat radiates from these metals into brain cells and neurons in the emotional centers of the brain. Brain cells and neurons in the region around these metals dehydrate and burn out and atrophy. That alone can result in what I call low-grade renditions of bipolar disorder. For more heightened bipolar disorder, someone needs a trigger, and the ultimate trigger is adrenaline. 

When adrenaline enters an already hot brain day after day, it ignites an electrical storm. The acute, excessive heating from the excess adrenaline can’t be cooled until burnout occurs. 

This is when a person works for 72 hours and then crashes for days. It’s when someone talks rapidly for days without listening and then afterward, goes quiet. It’s when someone makes an impulsive, irrational decision that’s not healthy for them, followed by depression, deep sadness, and guilt and shame, along with fatigue and an absence of motivation and drive. The electrical storm and its aftermath can display themselves in so many ways. Adrenaline rushing to treat compromised areas of the brain can also lead to emotional sensitivity that varies in every single person.

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This item posted: 08-Dec-2022

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